Pillow fighting is a fun and exciting game for kids and teens, but sometimes even the simplest of activities can go wrong. Take our young patient, for example. He and his sibling were having a wholesome pillow fight before bed one night last week, and before they knew it, BAM! His teeth were fractured!

Emergency Response by Dr. Ira Morrow

Our patient came in to the office, feeling frightened and in pain because of his two broken
incisors. It’s easy to imagine how scared the boy was. Luckily, Dr. Morrow was able to appease the patient so he could cooperate fully during the treatment.

Dr. Morrow first examined the damage on the patient’s teeth and determined the best course of action to fix it. Despite the deep fractures on the boy’s teeth, Dr. Morrow was able to restore it using dental bonding. Since dental bonding is a simple and quick procedure, Dr. Morrow did not need to use any sedative, and the process was virtually pain-free.

Dental bonding uses composite resin that attaches to the teeth through a chemical bonding process. The patient’s teeth were first cleaned and closely examined to ensure that they are safe for bonding. Luckily, the pulp of our patient’s teeth were not damaged and no internal treatment was needed.

The resin needed to be mixed to achieve the same tooth color of the patient. Dr. Morrow made sure that the color of the resin was very close to the child’s natural teeth so that the final result will be undetectable.

A conditioning acid was applied on the area of the teeth where the resin attached. The acid roughens the tooth surface to allow optimal adherence of the resin. Dr. Morrow applied the first coat of resin to the tooth surface and cured it with UV light to speed up the chemical reaction.

After multiple resin coatings, Dr. Morrow shaped the bonding material to make them look like real teeth. Once Dr. Morrow achieved the ideal shape and size of the bonding material, he cured it one last time with UV light and allowed the restoration to harden. Finally, our young patient was able to smile again!

Here is our patient before his emergency dental treatment:

Pillow Fight Teeth Fractured

And here he is after Dr. Morrow fixed his teeth with dental bonding:

Pillow Fight Teeth Repaired

It’s as if nothing even happened to his teeth! Dr. Morrow was able to restore the natural and full appearance of this young boy’s upper incisors. You wouldn’t even notice that those are dental restorations.

Dr. Morrow was able to send the boy home with completely healthy-looking teeth and a wide
smile on his face, without even experiencing any pain or receiving anesthetics. This was a great display of Dr. Morrow’s skills as a pediatric dentist as well as the young boy’s bravery in face of a dental emergency.

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