Veneers: “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a phrase every child knows. As children age, they realize that this maxim doesn’t describe the true situation in society. Whether you accept it or not, whether you like it or not, appearances do matter in social situations.

You can get an edge over the person who originated this quote, though. You can do something about your appearance. As patients in Yonkers know, at Dr. Morrow’s dental practice, you can revamp your smile. All you have to do is take a small step and ask your dentist for dental veneers.

Dental Veneers

As a type of cosmetic dentistry procedure, dental veneers are a method by which dentists can cover up and repair any physical damage in a tooth. This is done by the application of a custom-designed, specially made “wafer” that is carefully bonded to the surface of a tooth. Crafted from a tooth-colored, porcelain material, dental veneers can restore a tooth to its original shine without leaving any evidence of external procedures being taken.

Because veneers are applied to the outside of a tooth, the possibilities for what they can accomplish are endless. Facing tooth discoloration that even whitening can’t wash out? Veneers can cover up the evidence and leave your teeth pearly white. Unwilling to spend money repairing cracks and chips in a tooth that are minor at best? Veneers can smooth out the surface of that tooth and protect the tooth from incurring worse damages. Because of their versatility, dental veneers are becoming a more and more popular choice among cosmetic dentistry patients looking for an easy solution to their problems.

A Case Study

Before Dental Veneers Yonkers NYNow, you might be thinking, this is all well and good in the abstract, but what kind of person actually tries out the procedure? Dr. Morrow has a good example.

Not long ago, Dr. Morrow received a new patient who visited his office somewhat unwillingly. She had wanted to improve her smile for a long time, but she was slightly afraid of what visiting the dentist might mean. The cause? This particular patient had a chipped and cracked front tooth, and she was scared of what that might mean for her treatment.

Luckily, Dr. Morrow found a solution that was simple and stress-free for both parties: porcelain veneers. After creating a treatment plan and bonding the veneer, he successfully repaired the tooth in question, leaving the patient satisfied with a permanent smile on her face.

After Porcelain Veneers Yonkers NYThe patient had only one regret coming out of her veneer bonding: that she didn’t see a dentist sooner. Don’t make the same mistake. If you have discolored, damaged or uneven teeth, you should visit a dentist today to explore options that you might not have known were available to you.

Dr. Morrow can help you properly diagnose and treat these kinds of problems. To take advantage of solutions like porcelain veneers, call (914) 476-4040 today to schedule an appointment!